Author and Coach

"A key to healthy leadership is teaching and training."

Free ideas, suggestions for enriching ministry, and coaching are available here through articles, blogs, and responses to email questions. Books are available, especially Love Leads, which share sound theology and practical programming suggestions for missional congregations.

I can meet with pastors or other staff one on one, or I can facilitate leadership development in a congregation, based on many years of successfully building ministry teams and small groups, and do so in ways that develop a wider shared leadership.

A key to healthy leadership is teaching and training. Based on my study of the Gospel of Mark, I am available to teach a six week class which grounds people in missional attitudes, principles and actions, helping leaders and congregations center everything on the mission axis, the key to multiplication.

I follow a simple three step process: Listen – Understand – Act. I listen for understanding, help people see a bigger picture, and facilitate their discovery of a positive action-plan for renewal.