"My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. Fortunately, everybody drinks water."
–Mark Twain

I hope that my books are like water which, when you drink it, turns into some kind of tasty wine for the soul. For me, reading is like living many different lives; or at least, in some way, by reading I hope I become something of the book. I know that every book I read puts something of the author in me.

The books you find here are meant to awaken and inspire the courage to dream, to risk offering your gifts, and to trust God to accomplish far more than you can imagine or think.

Take and drink.

Love Leads: The Creative, Missional Leader and Church

Love Leads encourages, challenges, inspires, stirs and just plain helps leaders lead with grace, courage and hope. In a unique way, the interplay of three lively dynamics is explored: Creativity, Mission, and Leadership. Expect to gain both a solid spiritual foundation and a helpful guide, based on the seasoned experience and study of an effective pastor.


Cup of Sorrow, Cup of Joy

This book deals with various poignant questions related to the inevitable hurts that come in a fallen world: How could a loving God allow suffering? Can God be trusted as we face adversity? Does God use catastrophes to get even bigger waves of mercy to us? How does faith help turn tragedy into triumph?



Managing Stress: Seeking Serenity for the Soul

This book takes a spiritual approach to dealing with stress.

God doesn’t mean for his children to run ragged in a hurried, harried world, depleted of vital energies needed to be whole in body, mind and spirit. So the Creator built right into the creation six gracious realities designed to foster healthy lives. And there are six corresponding pathways we can walk to align ourselves with those realities. The result is a saner life, with some real serenity for the soul.

This guide can be used personally or in small groups.


Prayers to Quit By: Soar to Freedom

It takes at least two weeks to break a bad habit. This little book of prayers supports anyone ready to let go of some self-defeating practice. Ready to break free from nicotine, alcohol abuse, over-eating, addictive gambling, compulsive sex, or impulsive spending?

These fourteen daily prayers will see you through the toughest part – the first two weeks. After that, they can be repeated for as long as you need the spiritual support while walking into a new and better way of being. They worked for me!


Servant for Jesus Sake

This autobiography, written by Frank’s Dad just weeks before he suffered a stroke, celebrates a fascinating life of faith, often marked by surprising twists and turns in a ministry career clearly lead by a hand of providence.

With humor and gratitude Ted tells stories from his childhood on a small farm in Minnesota, a most unusual confirmation, the quickest engagement-marriage on family record, and a ministry that included small country parishes, being the youngest district president (bishop) elected in his denomination, becoming a college president, and founding of a Lutheran seminary in Canada.


Contemporary Creeds

In a post-modern world there is interest in finding creeds for worship that feel different in tone than the ancient creeds which focus on doctrine and history.

There is a new interest in statements of faith that are relational, in faith-affirmations that celebrate the graces of our Creator, Deliverer and Comforter in images that call forth trust, reliance, openness, and joy.

The affirmations of faith in this book have all stood the test of nearly twenty years of regular use in worship. May they stir in those who use them an intimate and happy expression of their faith.


The Smoke of the Spirit

This is a collection of reflections and meditations by Dr. W. Theophil (Ted) Janzow. They were written for the magazine The Broadcaster while Ted was president of Concordia College, Seward, NE.