Sermon Resources

"The Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor... to proclaim liberty to the captives."
Isaiah 61:1

I’ve enjoyed what others have said about preaching:

“A sermon is a proclamation of the generous love of God in Christ, or it is not a Christian sermon”
– Norman Pittenger

Unless those who are in the office of preacher find joy in him who sent them, they will have much trouble.”
– Martin Luther

The half-baked sermon causes spiritual indigestion.”
– Austin O’Malley

Our business is to present that which is timeless in the particular language of our own age.”
– C.S. Lewis

The aim of preaching is not the elucidations of the subject, but the transformation of a person.”
– Halford E. Luccock

I do believe that preaching is not about sharing information, no matter how interesting, as it is about the transformation of both the preacher and the listener. In my experience, there is a great chance of such transformation by preaching a message more fully through series preaching.

Here you will find Sermon Series overviews: they match the church year, include a title for the series, and for each sermon in it, with extensive notes on the themes for each week, comments on the matching scriptures from the three-year lectionary (mostly the Gospels), and with helpful suggested life-application points for each sermon.

Click the link below to see the available sermon series for each year.

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All sermon series overviews are delivered via digital download after purchase. When payment is completed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the product document. Each is provided in the Microsoft Word Docx format.